Protecting you, and our planet.

Our planet’s the only place we’ve got to live, and we want to do our bit for it. As it stands, it’s covered in pesticides, insecticides, and many more toxic chemicals. Every year over 200,000 people die from pesticide poisoning. We can help stop this.

Deet is a pesticide used in normal insect repellent sprays, and it’s the only pesticide us humans are allowed to put directly on our skin. It pollutes our environment and causes damage to our cells. Both you and our planet deserve better.  

That’s why we decided to create 100% natural insect repellents using essential oils, that are good for your body – and the environment.

Protection against disease

Due to the huge rise of deet being used for agricultural use and by holiday makers, mosquitos have built up a resistance to the chemical, which has caused a surge in mosquito-borne disease. Not good news.

Malaria is a common life-threatening disease in large parts of Africa, South East Asia, Central and South America, and more. Its typically transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. These infected mosquitos carry the plasmodium parasite, and when this mosquito bites you, the parasite is realised into your bloodstream.

When visiting affected areas, its extremely important you take lots of precautions to make sure you don’t get bitten (see our six top tips here). The good news is that by using The Mosquito Company spray, patches, and bracelets, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to stay safe.