So we want to keep the science as simple as possible to understand so here's how it works.
Our unique formula repels mosquitos by masking scents that are attractive to insects namely Carbon Dioxide and Lactic Acid. It does this by identifying and blocking the receptors that are responsible for detecting these chemicals. Letting you relax off the menu.  
Another benefit of using TMC formula is that it is 100% safe and non-toxic to humans, animals and even the insects themselves.
We all want to do our part for the environment so hopefully within the next 5 years together we can switch from environmentally harmful deet bases pesticides to a cleaner smarter form of protection.

2018's 7 Top Tips to Stay off the Menu

So we at The Mosquito Company along with researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have compiled a list of the top precautions and little tricks you and your family can do to stay bite free in 2018. Some of them you would never guess!
  • Avoid all unnecessary fragrances – Most toiletries and sunscreens actually contain scents that attract mosquito's right to restaurant a la YOU! Look out for fragrance free!


  • Mosquito activity peaks at dusk and dawn, so it’s advisable to stay indoors or double down insect repellents of all types as many Mosquitoes have now evolved resistance to standard Deet Based repellents. Especially in holiday hot spots where Deet has been overused. 


  • Avoid burning regular candles – they emit carbon dioxide which attracts almost all mosquito breeds. Instead, burn Java citronella oil in an oil burner, or citronella incense sticks. Citronella blocks the receptor that identify Carbon Dioxide letting you go undetected. 


  • Mosquitoes often lay and wait on the outside of doors and windows. Use spray and repellent bracelets on and around your doors to keep them away.


  • Wrap laundry up in plastic bags or other airtight containers, and keep all luggage closed! Your clothes smell like you and are covered in the Lactic Acid found in your sweat that is a strong signal to Mosquitoes suppers ready!


  • Sugar, Spice and all things nice! In general, women get bitten more than men. This is because mosquito's zone in on the ears, wrists and ankles, because the skin is thinner and the blood vessels are closer to the surface. And who wants to eat Slugs, Snail's and Puppy Dog tail's anyway.


  • In acute malarial areas (like parts of Africa, India, and South East Asia) it’s crucial that you take maximum precautions remember, even the best anti-malaria tablets don’t guarantee against contracting malaria – Also many Mosquitoes in these areas have evolved resistance to standard Deet based repellent so its well worth using other formulas to cover all bases.


2017 Study On The Growing Deet Resistance

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine say mosquitoes are first deterred by the substance, but then later ignore it. To find out more they took some Aegypti mosquitoes in the laboratory, and tempted them with a human arm covered in Deet. As expected, the repellent put the insects off their potential meal. However, a few hours later when the same mosquitoes were offered a chance to dine again, the researchers found that the Deet was not effective.

There is something about being exposed to the chemical the first time that changes their olfactory system - changes their sense of smell - and their ability to smell Deet, which makes it less effective.

If the levels of DEET being used increases at its current rate we will soon be seeing total resistance the chemical repellent.

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